Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Second Class Cycle

So I had the second session of my liqueur class this past Saturday.  It was an excellent group of 6 people.  We had a slightly different round of infusions including Blueberry and Apple Brandy.  Though the most popular infusion was unquestionably fresh ginger.  I mean it seriously swept the popularity contest.  A couple of the interesting combinations that were created during the class included Apricot Tea, Ginger and Orange.  There was also a really delightful strawberry, lemon and black pepper mixture.  I was surprised at how delightfully bright and poppy the mixture of fruit and black pepper really was.

No one really did much with the habanero infusion, and I think I overwhelmed them with the cinnamon comparison taste test that I started the class with.  Definitely something to note for next time.

As this was the second session of the liqueur class it's probably going to be a while before I do another one.  That said I am hoping to continue to update this blog periodically with new infusion ideas and new drink mixtures.  I hope everyone has been enjoying the blog and keeps experimenting.

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