Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Black Irish Godfather

So I haven't been posting much because I was in a marathon of a wedding, and then said marathon ran me down enough that I've been kicking off a cold for the past couple days.  Nothing huge, but it has sapped a bit of my writing motivation.

Thankfully said wedding saw the creation of something that I thought would be worth sharing.  A drink recipe with one of the home brew liqueur infusions I have listed on the blog.  I filled my travel flash with it and took it with me to the wedding.  My friend dubbed it the "Black Irish Godfather".  I know the name borders on the . . . socially questionable.  Really though what good alcoholic drink isn't a bit edgy.  Here are the ingredients.

2 parts Jamieson
1 part Disaronno (Really any Amaretto would work, but for this you want the best)
1 part cacao nib liqueur ideally made with turbinado syrup.

The resulting effect kind of goes in waves over your tongue.  It occasionally feels harsh and whiskey like, then moves into something much more like a rich chocolate candy.  It's warming and smooth and delightful.  The cacao nib liqueur should have had at least a month to rest after infusing to insure maximum smoothness.  A little tidbit to share.  Once I have confirmation that the article came out in Edible Chicago I will let everyone know about that here and post the two drinks my partner developed for the article here as well.  I hope everyone enjoys.

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